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I was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine. At 6 years old, I started my musical career as a concert pianist and later, when I was 18,  began to compose my own music. Already in the same year I joined Strategic Music LLC and worked on music for many computer games, both core and casual. Since 19 I also started to write music for numerous shows, movies, and theater. These shows were staged in USA, Germany, UK, Ukraine, India,  and other countries. Almost at the same time, I started to show my interest in contemporary and experimental music.

I received a bachelor’s degree in Kiev both as pianist and composer,  and now continue to study composition at High School of Music in Berlin.

Besides my university teachers Jevgen Stankovych, Eun-Hwa Cho, Hanspeter Kyburz and Wolfgang Heiniger, I took lessons, master-classes, and seminars by Johannes Schöllhorn, Beat Furrer, Simon Steen-Andersen, Helmut Lachenmann, Sergej Newski, Dmitri Kourliandsky, Patrick Kirst, and others.